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  • Link: After 23 years, Starfield’s ancestor Noctis is still a vision of the future (Eurogamer)

    Sometimes thick cloud cover plunges you into total darkness, and sometimes you’re treated to mountains and valleys chopped and chiselled by a sun that resembles a huge mural on a temple wall. Having touched the earth, you slide through the lander’s glass walls and head towards one of the terrain features you’ve identified, glancing back…

  • Look At This! Endlight

    I’ve been watching (and playing) Endlight in various forms now for the best part of a decade thanks to it being a regular entry into the IGF. It’s always been an incredible looking thing whatever form it’s taken – it’s a game that asks “how much can we push around on the screen?” and then…

  • Play This! A cracking bunch of Pico 8 remakes for your edification

    Pico 8 really is a gift. I’ll confess I amused myself earlier reading over one of those terribly cringeworthy developer profiles people used to write around a decade ago that positioned Lexaloffle’s other virtual videogame console, Voxatron, as The Future, especially when combined with Also The Future Kinect. Well. That was certainly one future that…