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Author: Rob

  • Console store policies are useless for 2024.

    The big three’s console policies aren’t working and they’re certainly not fit for purpose in 2024. Whilst it’s easy for plenty of people to look at the weekly releases of games on consoles, see a bunch of just not very good things and pop on the amateur biz analysis hat and decide the problem here…

  • 2088

    Zeppelin’s 2088 is a slight but enjoyable enough arena shooter with a side order of asteroid dodging in-between stages. I’ve had it on “the list” and as I was a bit fidgetty whilst watching Capricorn One again last night, figured I may as well give it a punt.

  • Johnny And Marie

    The first time I watched an *entire pub* erupt into dancing as Johnny And Marie played way back in the early nineties, I didn’t entirely understand what the hell was going on. Of course, now I get it. You just don’t get that many songs that are such open celebrations of the working class, full…