Sometimes I get fidgety and like to doodle pictures based on old videogames. I know, it’s a curse. Some turn out better than others, so it goes.

All games/characters etc… belong to their respective rights holders. Where possible, my interpretations are CC by 4.0 Attribution and free to use in your projects providing credit is given. Click for full size.

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Thing On A Spring

Gremlin Graphics, 1985

Thing! (Updated)

Players, 1988

Project: Future (Updated)

Bubble Bus, 1983

Alien Vs Dizzy

With apologies to Codemasters

Underwurlde (v2)

Ultimate, 1984


Konami, 1983


Stern, 1980

Hunter’s Moon (v2)

Thalamus, 1987

Hunter’s Moon (v2 alt)

Thalamus, 1987

Artic’s Galaxians (v2)

Artic, 1983


Elektro Storm

PSS, 1983

The Pyramid

Fantasy Software, 1983

Doomsday Castle

Fantasy Software, 1983


Firebird Software,1985

Spheres Of Chaos

Iain McLeod, 1992

Juno First

Konami, 1983

The Hobbit

Melbourne House, 1984

Jack Dragon

Tea Monster Games, 2023

Palace Software Logo

Palace Software


Firebird Software, 1986


Acornsoft 1984


Ultimate, 1984

Factory Breakout

Poppy Soft, 1984

The Pi-Man

Automata UK Mascot, 1982-1985

Sir Fred

Mikro-Gen / Made In Spain 1986

Gerry The Germ

Firebird 1985


Atari, 1981

Billy Bluebottle

Powsoft, 1984


Bug Byte, 1985

Dynamite Dan

Mirrorsoft, 1985


Atari, 1979

Transylvanian Tower

Richard Shepherd Software, 1982

New Rally X

Namco, 1981

Hunter’s Moon

Thalamus, 1987

Project: Future

Bubble Bus, 1983

Artic’s Galaxians

Artic, 1983


Atari, 1976

Magic Knight

Mastertronic / David Jones


Konami, 1981

Don’t Die, Mr Robot

Infinite States, 2014

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