There’s not really a lot to say about R-Type that hasn’t already been covered elsewhere but watching Chinny run through a bunch of the home computer and early console ports and gosh, what a remarkably grand batch of ports they are. (Astoundingly, the exemplary PCEngine version only gets a passing mention and they’re still all grand.)

Obviously, I’ve been around long enough to know that they’re a grand bunch but it’s only seeing them back to back where it’s really sunk in just what a stellar job pretty much everyone did on them. Not one duffer is incredibly rare and precious stuff!

Belated well done and then some to everybody. Good job, all!

Oh, and the obligatory link to Bob Pape’s copious words on their Speccy port which is a lovely read. It’s actually illegal to talk about home ports of R-Type and not pass it on so you know what to do.

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