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Read: The Elder Scrolls 6, PC Gamer

I had to painstakingly empty my inventory after accidentally hitting “take all” on thousands of pounds of real-world firearms and rooting myself in place with encumbrance. Dwemora and Oblivion were the highlights for me, though I appreciated stupidcatgirl’s nuanced and culturally sensitive portrayal of England, complete with the aforementioned Eldritch and a place called “Greggs” that they apparently really like over there?

Ted Litchfield, PC Gamer

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s to never underestimate the amount of time someone will spend on making a shitpost as a videogame and just how absurd the results will be. I love it and I hope people never stop.

Anyway, so by my reckoning this here beast of a Morrowind mod is actually The Elder Scrolls 6 for real and legally Bethesda are obliged to pick back up at 7, unless someone sneaks 7 in before them too. I haven’t checked this with a lawyer but I asked the cat and she said yes, that’s how it works and there is no way she would ever lie to me.

She also told me that we’re in a parallel timeline where Morrowind was the last Elder Scrolls game and every Elder Scrolls since has also been an expansion pack for Morrowind. 20 years of Morrowind after Morrowind.

She tells me a lot of things, my cat. She’s good like that.

I downloaded ‘The Elder Scrolls 6’ but I’m starting to think it might not really be The Elder Scrolls 6 | PC Gamer
Ah, the wait is finally over. The Elder Scrolls 6, here at last, and a full six months before Starfield to boot. All my favorites are here: The Master Chief John 117, An immortal destruction golem pow

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