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Had Void Prison (Steam/Switch) on my list of things to try since spotting it in January, finally remembered to grab it whilst picking up Akka Arrh because I can never have too many arcade games to play about with. It’s good!

Dead simple stuff. Try and stay alive as long as possible whilst the recoil from your weapon and the force of the enemies/enemy fire works to push you towards the boundary. In a bind you can dodge roll your way to temporary safety, or just further into danger. Hit the boundary and the round is over.

In a nutshell, it’s Enter The Gungeon reimagined as a sumo wrestling match. A little bit Motos, a little bit Sumo, a whole lot of Gungeon. Rounds are over incredibly fast (think seconds or minutes) and it’s all just about staying alive as long as possible to get that score going up.

There’s nothing especially new here but it is a fairly delicious combination and I’m having a fine time with it. For a couple of quid it’s an absolute bargain and well worth a punt.

Void Prison for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Official Site
Void Prison is a fast-paced, endless arcade twin-stick shooter that puts you inside an ever-shrinking ring. Survive by fighting emerging enemies around you and don’t get consumed by the void. It’s not as easy as you think! Void Prison game is inspired by…

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