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Detective Cat Whiskers (20?? – 2023)

Absolutely gutted to say my big bundle of clown fluff, Whiskers aka Detective Cat, has solved his last case.

Whiskers. Not pictured: the switch I was playing on before he sat on it.

The dozy big sod managed to break out, get himself wedged between a neighbour’s fences necessitating a full visit from the fire brigade to extract him. Unfortunately, dude has done himself a mischief too far, two broken legs (one front, one back!) and the rest of it. Absolutely heartbroken.

update: thanks everyone, we’ve been able to get him a local appointment this afternoon which we couldn’t have afforded otherwise. Thanks so much.

And I’m so sorry to have to ask for help again so close to Xmas but getting the dude put to sleep is going to cost us somewhere between three to five hundred, depending on which vet has a vacancy today, then we’ve got travel on top. I have no idea how the fuck I’m supposed to do this.

whiskers, on one of his many chairs.

My PayPal and KoFi are here if anyone can help. Me and the kids would massively appreciate it.

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