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A quick one! Two of my all time favourite of all time favourite videogames (mate) have released on Switch over the past fortnight. What a corking month! I highly recommend grabbing both if you’ve got some spare cash.


qrth-phyl is an astounding 3 dimensional take on the Snake formula that also happens to double as a playable documentary. Think a Minter-esque reimagining and you’re vaguely on the right path, though not quite. Regardless, it’s far trippier and more exciting than a Snake game should rightly be.

As ever for Hermit Games, it’s breathtakingly stylish and beautiful to look at, sounds absolutely fantastic and is the closest videogames gets to 90s Warp Records. Yep, even allowing for the existence of Wipeout.

(As usual, Deku Deals link because it’s just less faff than eShop links half the time, there’s no affiliate guff or whatever)

qrth-phyl | Deku Deals
Find the best prices for qrth-phyl, see the full price history, and be the first to find out about its next big sale at Deku Deals

Pan Dimensional Conga Combat

Considering the Switch version has been published by my chums at Thalamus (they handle publishing duties for Death Ray Manta these days and they’re lovely) *and* it’s an all time fave of mine, it’s kinda embarrassing that I had no idea there was even a Switch version in the works.

Reader, I may have gotten a little overexcited when I saw it on the store.

Pan Dimensional Conga Combat is sort of Geometry Wars’ Pacifist mode (don’t just take my word for it) bunged into a blender with some other frantic arcade stuff. I fell in love with it just prior to its original release (thanks James!) and it’s only got better with age. A handheld version is incredibly welcome!

Pan-Dimensional Conga Combat | Deku Deals
Find the best prices for Pan-Dimensional Conga Combat, see the full price history, and be the first to find out about its next big sale at Deku Deals

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