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Read: What Videogames Did To Haunting, Nate Schmidt (Unwinnable)

When they are talked about at all, haunted videogames are almost always retro and retroactive. Electric media was haunted from the beginning, so now that our most popular forms of communication and entertainment are electrical, why aren’t there more hauntings?

Nate Schmidt For Unwinnable

From this month’s Unwinnable mag, a lovely essay asking why it’s never new videogames that are haunted (Minecraft being an obvious exception) and also, a possible theory as to why.

There’s an extract up on the site, you’ll need either a sub or a copy of the mag to read the whole piece – something I heartily recommend as in all my (now many) years of subbing to Unwinnable, it’s never managed an issue I haven’t enjoyed yet.

I’ve long maintained that if the time comes where I need to cut down on subs (very possible given living in the UK at the mo is increasingly unaffordable for normal people who like things like warm houses and eating food to live) then Unwinnable and Fallen London will be the last to go. So far, nothing has changed my mind on that one, only reinforced my opinion.

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