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Punching Robots 2084

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  • Robots I’d Punch: 7 Zark 7

    Harsh? Perhaps! After all, 7 Zark 7 is supposed to be one of the good ‘guys’, sitting underwater at Centre Neptune, monitoring a multitude of threats to the Earth (which all happen to be from the same space dude every single time so there has to be a more efficient way). My theory is that…

  • Robots I’d Punch: That One From Lost In Space That Slides About The Place A Lot.

    As cunning designs go, this is definitely one of them. They’re not punch proof but I reckon getting a smack in isn’t going to be easy. The head is hard to reach, I’d have to get past those wobbly arms as well. Awkward stuff. Plus, I just know the robot is going to be yelling…

  • Robots I’d Punch: Chani

    From The Devil Girl From Mars. It’s a fridge with a warning light for a noggin, easy easy easy.