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Watch: Volume And The Hero As Persona (Talen Lee)

I have a lot of time for Volume (and the stuff Mike Bithell and his collaborators put out there in general) and Talen takes a few brief moments to detail just a few reasons why they too appreciate it.

I’m pretty much on board with all Talen’s points in the vid so hopefully, if you haven’t yet given Volume a punt then this all might tempt you somewhat. Honestly, it’s a really lovely game and its heart is in the right place at that.

Alongside all that though, I’m a huge admirer of how Mike and team know exactly where to focus their expertise to make compact and focused games feel more expansive, more expensive, than they are and Volume is an early masterclass in that and much like with Bithell’s first indie venture, Thomas Was Alone*, it still looks and sounds pretty remarkable all these years on as a result.

If you enjoy this vid, do give the rest of Talen’s vids a look over and they also have a Patreon if you can spare a few coppers.

Volume — Bithell Games

*to my eternal shame, during its development I was initially sceptical about Mike’s pitch to include voice acting in Thomas Was Alone. You know, Thomas Was Alone, the game so many people now remember for its lovely voice acting! I realise that if I’m going to be wrong then I might as well go all in and be massively wrong but still, c’mon Rob! There’s wrong and then that.

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