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Tag: Beyond The Scanlines

  • Link: Beyond The Scanlines: Magnetron

    Rob over at Beyond The Scanlines is taking a look at Magnetron on the C64 this week. I am still a huge fan of both Quazatron and Magnetron in their Speccy incarnations, though for reasons I can’t fathom now I couldn’t really remember anything about Magnetron on the breadbin. I surely must have played it,…

  • Watch: Beyond The Scan lines on JetPak DX

    I reckon it was all downhill for Ultimate after Jetpac. Not a reflection of how poor any subsequent games were (post-US Gold aside, they were far, far from it) but how fantastic Jetpac is. Alongside Pssst and Cookie, it oozed an arcade sensibility that would largely disappear as Ultimate’s games got larger and more ambitious…