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Link: Beyond The Scanlines: Magnetron

Rob over at Beyond The Scanlines is taking a look at Magnetron on the C64 this week.

I am still a huge fan of both Quazatron and Magnetron in their Speccy incarnations, though for reasons I can’t fathom now I couldn’t really remember anything about Magnetron on the breadbin. I surely must have played it, I’ve just got a terrible memory. Thankfully other people are here to remind me to go and sort that out.

Anyway. This isn’t that Magnetron, just to confuse matters. Instead it’s a Broderbund title of the same name. An evolution of a Mac game that comes complete with a level editor allowing you to stitch together your own missions.

It’s an interesting little game and really I’m impressed with how useable (if apparently time consuming) the level editor appears to be.

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Watch: Beyond The Scan lines on JetPak DX

I reckon it was all downhill for Ultimate after Jetpac. Not a reflection of how poor any subsequent games were (post-US Gold aside, they were far, far from it) but how fantastic Jetpac is. Alongside Pssst and Cookie, it oozed an arcade sensibility that would largely disappear as Ultimate’s games got larger and more ambitious and it remains my favourite out of all their games.

There’s been a nice handful of remakes and tributes over the years (there’s a couple on Switch even), Rare took a punt at a remake of their own in the early days of XBLA and that turned out pretty alright for the most part. It’s part of Rare Replay so it’s not been lost to time like plenty of other games from around that era, which means you can still give it a punt fairly easily if you haven’t already given it a shot.

Anyway. My preferred remake is the excellent Rocket Smash EX, for my money it gets pretty close to besting the original and Saul’s graphics are wonderful, making good use of the C64 to really shine the thing up. However, Super Jetpak DX for the Gameboy is pretty fine too and it’s this that one of the other Robs reviews in their latest Beyond The Scanlines video. The game’s naturally a bit more cramped than your normal Jetpac given it’s got to work on a handheld but for the most part it’s a sterling job and Rob provides a great introduction to it.

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