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Super Destronaut: Landed X Loaded

It’s always a treat to get a new Super Destronaut game to play around with, they’re some of my fave new arcade games.

They’re rarely difficult or especially punishing, preferring instead to focus on the simple pleasures of shooting chunky pixel enemies and watching them explode in a violent sea of colour. In other words, absolutely perfect for me, the person who likes nothing more than shooting chunky pixel enemies and watching them explode in a violent sea of colour.

And you know, I’m really glad they’re not punishing. Given how easily exhausted I am by so little these days, there’s a whole segment of gaming that I absolutely adore but can’t play for very long at all without tiring. Unfortunately, this segment happens to include most of my all time fave videogames which is, politely, awkward. (Less politely? Shite). Gentle is good for me.

The game? Enemies fall from the sky, run around platforms and need shooting, shoot the enemies with a laser. Top up ammunition when it runs down, shoot more enemies with lasers. Try not to get caught, make a number go up. Games are still over fairly swiftly but it rarely feels aggressive, it’s just this thing, you know? Start again.

Anyway. I love it. I can see how folks who prefer games to be uber challenging and forever pushing back at the player may bounce off it hard or find it boring but that’s not me. I’m a Rob of simple tastes. Let me flash lights at myself and we’re good.

Landed X Loaded gives me everything I need. It’s got running, it’s got jumping, it’s got lasers, colours galore, massive explosions, mild peril(TM), and the chunkiest of chunky pixels. It’s speedy, elegant and constructed of purest videogame and that’s fantastic.

Super Destronaut Landed X Loaded | Nintendo Switch download software | Games | Nintendo
How long can you survive in this hostile robot arena?

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