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Read: Getting people to play niche games.

so yeah, i don’t believe everybody will start running to play interactive fiction titles if they’re slapped on billboards at Times Square. even if they did, it won’t solve the recognition problem: everyone wants to see their efforts recognized in some form or another. instead, criticism should help murder the commodity fetishism and let people see the games as true craftsmanship

Getting people to play niche games, Kastel

Somehow managed to skip over this brilliant post whilst doing my usual meanders through my cohost feed (have I mentioned I love cohost? I do), luckily Critical Distance to the rescue once more.

I’m a bit under the weather right now so please excuse that I don’t have much more to say (because thinking in a straight line is hard), but being someone whose own work exists in a niche, I appreciated a lot of the thoughts in the post.

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