Not too far into Micetopia on the PS4 at the mo but it’s such an absolutely lovely looking videogame*. I really, really, really detest “metroidvania” as a term and probably due to both being British and old, find little meaning in it as a touchstone, but that’s the term the publishers want applying to Micetopia so okay. It’s one of them.

Note to self: come up with an 8 bit home computer related term next time I’m bored.

A forest scene from Micetopia. A mouse leaps from a platform in the woods, a rabbit with a spear waits across the other side of the room.

Micetopia is bloody hard, mind. I’ve met my maker a few times already.

Not that I mind too much though. There’s not really that much of a penalty for it — getting dropped back to the hub might be a problem in a bigger game but that’s not Micetopia. It’s got a really old game feeling to it too as it resets rooms once you leave them, so if you’re so inclined you can always do a bit of grinding for coins or (if you’re anything like me) just replay the room for no discernible reason.

A cave scene from Micetopia, there's a dragon in there.

Anyway. The most important thing you need to know about Micetopia is the town hall in the village has a bell on it that you can ring and seriously, it makes a really satisfying ding. I hit that bell quite happily for five minutes straight and yes, that’s it, that’s the stuff.


*yes, that’s also the sole reason I bought it. Look at the pretty meeses.

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