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Whilst the ambient game has a comfy home on the PC, there’s scant few to be found over on the PS4. Bit of a shame considering plenty would look fabulous on a big TV but whilst console dev remains out of bounds for most people, guess we’re kind of stuck.

Anyway! Feather is a lovely compact be-a-bird ’em up. Float around a really quite pretty island, do a bit of flapping and that, make some nice tweeting noises and occasionally pass the odd other player doing the same.

It’s largely a pretty lovely experience, the kind of thing it’s nice to pop on and relax to for a few minutes or so. Being a bird feels nice, swooping, rolling and diving to your own rhythm. There’s no punishments, no goals, just being a bird. It’s nice.

Five quid well spent, I reckon. It’s one I’ll be digging out when the old bonce gets a bit too sore again and I need something to take me away from it all.

The music can be a bit “stood at the back of Shared Earth picking some incense sticks” but I guess that’s kinda fitting regardless. Not every work can be as sublimely soundtracked as the hauntological nature dreamscape that is Proteus and, to be fair, nor would I want every game to be that. Give me breadth, you know?

It really is a shame that consoles are so far behind the curve on the sheer amount of videogame experiences people are making now, mind. Imagine if instead of the tired action, adventure, RPG, shooter categories that games have sat with since the nineties, consoles had some easily browsable space for “ambient”, “nature”, “relaxing” and all manner of other things that people pluck from their imaginations.

Hopefully this upcoming generation will see that finally shift though. It’s certainly long overdue.

Whilst I’m waiting, I’ll treasure the few experiences like “Feather” that can afford to sneak through the net and give me the sort of chill time I often crave. Especially when they look this good.

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