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Exploratory Void Machine: Voyager

August 2023

I’m at my own personal halfway point with Voyager, essentially the point where I’ve ticked off anything that felt mechanical from the expedition’s shopping list and can just drift around the universe filling in the rest as and when.

Of course, it’s halfway on a technicality. Yes, roughly half or more of the tasks have been ticked off but I rushed those to get to the ones I can take my time with. Bit of a quick burst of intensity before resuming normal service and as such, the remaining tasks will likely take me much longer to tick off because I won’t be trying all that much, just getting on with being on space.

Really, I should have waited for a few more patches because as with every substantial upgrade to any game ever, the Echoes update that Voyager is accompanying has brought a few gnarly bugs causing the odd bit of a mess here and there (which is why there’s so few shots at the mo). But ultimately, I’ll work around anything.

Never mind that I write videogames so am fundamentally aware of How Stuff Works, I’ve been playing videogames pretty much as long as videogames have really been a thing and in that time, there’s always been a range of bugs from the minor and amusing to showstoppers and it’s all a bit whatever, that’s videogames.

It’s half the fun and as ever, I always just hope that folks get to tackle them as chill as can be! I can wait! I’ll just be over here looking at the new shiny robots for a while and dreaming about punching them. Ahhhh.


They’re really good robots. Very Tölva and that’s high praise indeed.

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