Punching Robots 2084

With Your Host, Rob Remakes

Dissecting Dizzy. What’s inside the eighties videogame mascot?

Scientific proof of the existence of Yolk Folk

1twignest remnant
2bonefor the doggo
3fried eggbrain
4sausageinternal eyebrow
5incy wincy spiderclimbing spouts
6really powerful magnetholding one item at a time
7boxing glovepunching seymour
8dinner platewhat big eyes
9rodentdeus ex machina, got lost in wrong game
10food mixermixing food
11cutleryeating dinner
12acornsquirrel bait
13coin slotartificial mouth/one credit
1450p and 20p piecesrailway toilet money
15pound coinsshopping trolleys

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