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Beaver Bob

Beaver Bob In Dam Trouble is my PT, or my Silent Hills if you prefer. Except instead of a playable advert, there’s only a magazine advert and a loading screen designed by someone else.

To be fair, it is a really good loading screen.

pic from The Gremlin Graphics Archive.

I have no idea what Beaver Bob was ever supposed to be either. You know as much as I do. Younger me was sold from the moment they saw the magazine advert regardless.

A game about a beaver? I’m there for that. It might have some log chopping? Oh yes. Please. Beavers and logs sounds great.

I bet Beaver Bob would be amazing too. I can say that because it never launched, maybe never existed. It’s preserved forever in that moment when I first saw the advert, preserved forever in the thoughts of all the things it could be. All the guesses, all the hopes, all the beavers.

It’s the industry’s open secret that more games get some way to existing than the public ever see. Sometimes those games seep through into the gaming conciousness. Maybe it’s an announcement, a tweet, a rumour or a trailer released before things happen. Things happen a lot to games.

They’re always the best games too. You just know they play fantastic, they look fantastic. There’s no day 1 patches, no microtransactions, no bugs.

Just a beaver and their logs, happily being the best game that never was for the best part of 40 years.

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