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An Incomplete List Of Arcade-y/Home Computer-esque Videogames I Like On The Nintendo Switch At This Exact Point In Time (69 of them)

Rainbow Laser Disco Dungeon. Enough to drive you berzerk.

Rainbow Laser Disco Dungeon (Rhythm Berzerk, basically)

JETBOY & The Randomizer Of DOOM (Jetpac megamix)

Shoot 1UP DX (XBLIG all timer shoot ’em up)

Horizon Shift ’81 (Remember Binary Zoo’s DUO? That kind of thing)

Binarystar Infinity (Fun horizontal shooter)

Centipede Recharged (Best of the Recharged Atari games, imo)

Super Star Path (Really sweet looking shooter/kinda puzzley thing)

Galacticon (Joust/Jetpac hybrid, properly Vidkidz in aesthetic)

P3 (Chaotic vertical shooter)

Xeno Crisis (Exemplary SmashTV variation, just incredible stuff)

Z Warp – Music not by Bomb The Bass Brains

Z-Warp (Another chaotic vertical shooter)

Thunder Kid (Run and gun. What if Contra was 3d?)

Thunder Kid II (Run and gun. More what if Contra was 3d)

Breakneck City (Beat ’em up. What if Renegade was 3d)

Devastator (Arena shooter – frantic and fantastic)

#Funtime (Arena shooter with some colour stuff to contend with)

Shatter Remastered (Best Arkanoid/Breakout of the past 15 years)

Tempest 4000 (Tempest doesn’t get better than this)

Gyro Boss DX (Rotatey boss shooter thing)

Super Destronaut DX-2 (Really early-arcade gallery shooter)

Super Destronaut DX (Really early-arcade gallery shooter)

rRootage Reloaded (All time classic shooter, port of one of ABA’s best)

Tesla Force (Twin stick arena shooter with a hint of roguelike)

Lode Runner Legacy (Gold and ladders platformer)

Assault Android Cactus + (Dreamcast-y arena shooter)

Tamiku (bless you)

Tamiku (Corkingly old school single screen arcade stuff)

Inksplosion (Simple but fun messy arena shooter)

Gunlord X (Turrican reimagined)

Aqua Kitty UDX (Amiga-esque Defender with the cutest cats in videogames)

Astro Aqua Kitty (Amiga-esque cave adventuring in a spaceship, also cute cats)

Graceful Explosion Machine (Wonderfully Pompom shoot-em-up)

Iron Crypticle (Ghosts and Goblins meets Smash TV)

Horizon Chase Turbo (My favourite of the 80’s arcade inspired racers)

Switch ‘N’ Shoot (Brutal cuss-em-up played with just one button)

Dungeonoid (Difficult Breakout/Arkanoid with an RPG theme)

Millie And Molly (and mummy)

Millie And Molly (C64 puzzle game. Brain breaking in later stages)

Jetboard Joust (It’s a bit Defender but also, not)

WE ARE DOOMED (Incredible, hypnotic, twin stick shooter)

Horatio Goes Snowboarding (Updating Horace Goes Skiing for the Switch)

Orbt XL (Enjoyable little avoid ’em up)

Paladin (Stonking Defender variant)

Hyper Sentinel (Overwhelming Uridium variant)

Super Crush KO (Gloriously pink platforms and punching game)

Cave Bad (Brutal roguelike game in a home computer fashion)

Ding Dong XL (Playing Chicken but without having to worry about cars)

Pity Pit (Mr Driller from the hell dimension)

Task Force Kampas (Vertical shooting stuffs)

Red Death (rad looking vertical shooter)

Void Gore (another rad looking vertical shooter)

It could be yours, it’s Vektor Wars

Vektor Wars (Battlezone/Sieddab stuff in a Tron-esque world)

Null Drifter (Absurd arena shooter)

Glitchangels (Cybergoth/Industrial take on a roguelike twin stick arcade shooter)

Zeroptian Invasion (Straightforward but fun single screen shooter)

Demon’s Tilt (Incredible looking/sounding pinball with loads to find)

Death Ray Manta SE (shut up)

Inferno 2 (Kinda single player Gauntlet thingy. I love it)

Destructivator SE (Great little platform/shooter game)

Bezier (Operatic twin stick shooter. Don’t ask, it’s great)

Cecconoid (Kinda like Cybernoid, comes with a great Robotron variant too)

Family Tree – flickin great fun

Family Tree (Really really nice launch/flick ’em up, some Rainbow Islands heritage here)

Tachyon Project (Solid twin sticker)

Tesla Vs Lovecraft (Probably my favourite 10Tons twin sticker)

Dead End Job (Cartoony roguelike twin sticker)

Tcheco in the Castle of Lucio (Incredibly silly ‘suss out what to do next’ game)

Super Destronaut: Land Wars (Maze shooter, bit Battlezone)

JYDGE (10Tons does Hotline Miami via 2000AD)

Dig Dog (It’s a dog that digs!)

10 Second Ninja X (Wonderful twitchy robot-platform smack ’em up)

Lumo (Ultimate/Ritman style isometric adventuring)


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