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  • Cataloguing The New Arcade: Glitchangels

    Sitting at the intersection of glitchgoth and cybergoth, Glitchangels is Berzerk reimagined as a Nuclear Throne-alike. Throw out the unending maze of the arcade classic, replace it with discreet rooms with tight corridors, clear the enemies to open the exits, paper it with Droid Assault inspired art – strip out the Paradroid elements, keep the…

  • Moose Life

    The Ghosts Of Videogames Yet To Come Moose Life feels like a game that’s existed as long as videogames. Moose Life feels like a game I’ve never played the likes of before. Moose Life is really confusing like that. Seriously, it’s kinda baffling. It’s Llamasoft doing what they do best – a psychedelic arcade game,…