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Where Is Destiny’s Xur This Week?

Every week, Trader Of The Nine and all round snake faced space mystery man who plays the meanest air guitar, Xur, has rare engrams filled with the tidiest loot for sale in Bungie’s free to play Destiny 2.

Except this week! They went the shop for some milk and haven’t come back.

Guardians, if you spot Xur on your travels, tell them to come home! Their tea is going cold.

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Top 5 New PVP Weapons In Destiny 2:Beyond Light

A fancily dressed skeleton with a fine pipe and hat introduces the top 5, an occasional series of lists of 5 things not to be taken entirely seriously.
  1. Rumpole’s Weeping Sore
  2. WOGAN Extractor Fan
  3. Trouser Tax
  4. Anticipation Of Dindins
  5. Sassy Sylv Ferret Stuffer

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