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Medusa Alley

Just reading Jonathan Jones on Harryhausen and remembered that for an all too long period of time I was absolutely convinced that Medusa lived in the alleyway leading to some council garages at the back of my old house.

Perseus holding the decapitated head of Medusa. It's from the 1980's Clash Of The Titans film.

For far too many years I would absolutely pelt it past that alleyway just in case. Even now my brain has a hard time accepting that no, it is not reasonable to think that Medusa, a mythological creature, would move to an increasingly depressing small town at all, let alone into an alleyway leading to some garages.

Medusa from Clash Of The Titans

Look. I have lived an especially full existence and nearly carked it on multiple occasions and I can say with all sincerity that absolutely nothing before or after left such a strong impression on me.

I was bloody well terrified by Harryhausen’s incredible stop motion work like nothing else. I’ll always love it for that. That’s a job well done, I reckon.

Man, he was good.

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