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Tag: Perfect Songs

  • Zuzu: Lie To Myself

    Hard to pick a fave from Zuzu’s recent stuff but for today I’m going to go with Lie To Myself for skillfully, and perfectly, getting the lyric “that was a dick move” into a slice of indie pop perfection. Anyway. Go listen to Zuzu. They’re great.

  • Visage: Look What They’ve Done To Me

    I realise I’m probably the only person on the planet who listens to The Anvil on quite the regular basis but I can live with that. Whilst I reckon The Damned Don’t Cry is far and away the strongest song on there, I’ve long had a love of Look What They’ve Done To Me. Amongst…

  • Perfect Songs: Madonna Of The Wasps

    Been having a bit of a grumpy old time of it these past few weeks so time to crack out the big guns. Madonna Of The Wasps is one of three Hitchcock numbers that never fails to cheer me up (for the record: Heaven and Ted, Woody And Junior are the other two). Honourable mention…