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Death Ray Manta SE (PC/Switch)

Death Ray Manta SE (PC/Switch)

Death Ray Manta is a neo-retro new arcade game I wrote with assistance from the band Oh Stevie, with substantial work by code wrangler Andy White and for the finishing touches, cover artist Ste Pickford. I’m the custodian of the PC version which can be purchased on Itch or Steam. The Nintendo Switch port is being looked after by Thalamus Digital who have taken incredible care of it.


Death Ray Manta has lasers in his head. He blew up his house, now he lives in space instead.

Death Ray Manta is a short-form twin-stick arena shooter where you blow up enemies using colourful laser beams.

You spawn in the centre of the screen, moments later the screen is filled with mines, robots, rabbits, and lasers from beyond the stars. Collect space gems for bonus points and shoot everything else.

With 32 screens of increasingly colourful and crazy laser firing mayhem, how far into fish space can you get?

Art, Soundtrack And More

Death Ray Manta would be nothing without the incredible work of the folks who helped put it together.

The cover art for the game Death Ray Manta, it is a psychedelic manta ray flying in outer space, firing purple lasers

Andy’s work on the innards of the game and the Switch port powers Death Ray Manta and ensures it feels great to play. The legendary Ste Pickford’s box art turned out wonderful and makes for a beautiful print too. Oh Stevie’s soundtrack really makes the game come alive. The PC version is soundtracked with The Death Ray Manta Anthem, a hurtling, triumphant synth disco banger, the Nintendo Switch version is accompanied by a whole album’s worth of incredible synthpop. It’s really something.

100% of any print or OST purchases go straight to the artist (minus any platform cuts). I only work with great people so you can be assured you’re supporting some of the loveliest folks in videogames. They’re all brilliant! I’m very lucky.

Just one more thing…

Death Ray Manta PC comes with a snapshot of the source code, it’s not quite final but it’s close enough! You’re absolutely welcome to use this either to learn from or to build and distribute your very own variation of Death Ray Manta. Or, you know, to make your own game!

Obviously you can’t use the music or Ste’s key art because they’re not mine but beyond that? Run wild! Have fun! The rest of the art, the SFX etc? They’re fine! Just pop it into Gamemaker Studio and go (I think, it’s been a while. If there’s any problems you’re kinda on your own but there shouldn’t be!).

If you’re concerned about anything, you can always ask to check if something is allowed. I’m not difficult to find. Don’t ask me about the code though, it’s been way too long. And yes, it’s totally fine to build out the Death Ray Manta extended universe, with my blessing. You don’t need to use any of our code either! Go right ahead.

Actually, there is a very important condition! It’s expressly forbidden to use Death Ray Manta or any of its contents for hate speech, to hurt and/or offend or otherwise upset anyone. Be nice, you know?