Punching Robots 2084

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About Punching Robots Club

Punching Robots Club is the words of me, Rob Fearon, primarily on videogames but you know, why stop there when there’s plenty of other things to enjoy too?

Because there’s enough negativity and enough grumpiness in the world, you’ll only find writing on stuff I enjoy, stuff I find interesting or stuff I find amusing. Essentially, if it’s something that I enjoy or appreciate, I’ll try and get some words out there about it. Or a picture. Or interpretive dance. Whatever.

When writing about stuff, I kinda assume people have played a videogame before or seen a movie or whatever. It’s easier for everyone this way.

This isn’t a consumer review site or anything! I’m not going to sit here and discuss videogame frame rates, the fineries of a combat system or whatever. Mainly because I’ve never cared about that stuff and I don’t have any inclination to start caring now. I understand you might care and that’s cool, just not my bag.

So if there’s words about a game on here you can rest assured I enjoyed something about it or found something interesting in it. Sometimes I might write about a software house or whatever, the same thing applies – I either enjoy their work or find something interesting in it.

And whether I’m writing about a game, a film, a comic, whatever, the same thing applies. I’m just here to share stuff I enjoy, appreciate, respect in some manner.

No, there is no contradiction in admiring a robot and wanting to punch it either. Just heading that one off at the pass.