Screenshots From No Man’s Sky

Screengrabs galore!

NoMansShots is a Twitter account I run featuring, exclusively, pictures from Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky.

Having racked up over 2,000 hours on the game since its launch, it’s fair to say that it’s a game I kinda enjoy somewhat. It’s pretty good.

I originally set the account up to sort of avoid clogging my main account’s feed up with a huge amount of pictures from the game. Anyway, that was a few years back and now it’s sort of a repository of thousands of screenshots. Oops!

In my defense, they’re not all my screenshots. For a while I took submissions but to be honest, it all got a bit much for me. Not that I don’t appreciate the account’s popularity, just it was only ever supposed to be a small thing to amuse myself with and, well, I’m easily stressed these days.

I still have a bit of a hard time with how precisely No Man’s Sky hits the spot for me. It’s an absolute incredible achievement of translating an amazingly specific vibe into a videogame and younger me who used to get their SF books out and line up all the covers to admire would be astonished that No Man’s Sky exists. Grown up me certainly is.

It joins Space Giraffe, Jet Set Willy, Proteus, STALKER and Robotron for me, absolutely inspirational games that haunt my thoughts, years after release.

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