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Look At This: Escape From Terror City

It’s going to be a good Switch week for me next week by the looks of things – really looking forward to getting my hands on Digital Eclipse’s Karateka Game/Documentary/Museum given Atari 50 was an incredibly special thing indeed, hadn’t noticed that Escape From Terror City was getting a Switch release as well.

It’s been available on Steam and Itch for a long while now but as huge a fan of Renegade Sector games as I am, see the usual “it’s the Switch for me these days because I can play it even on crappy health days, of which there are many”

I’ve been really grateful for Renegade Sector and EastAsiaSoft bringing some previous titles across, massively looking forward to adding Escape From Terror City to the pile too.

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The Banished Vault

Readers, I’m not going to lie to you here, I have no desire to play The Banished Vault in the slightest. It is, in just about every conceivable way, not my kind of videogame. Maybe I was bitten by a board game at an early age or something but this whole dice roll thing? Not my bag.

However, what an absolutely *astonishing* looking game. I can’t help but stare at it because it’s so, so beautiful. It almost makes me wish it was my kind of game but much like I am with Zachtronics stuff, I am content watching other people play a game that is just structurally very not for me but captivating visually. And I am very much looking forward to watching people play this when it launches in a few weeks, the trailer is gorgeous, the screenshots are gorgeous. It’s gorgeous.

The things people do with computers, I tells thee. Glorious!

The Banished Vault — Bithell Games

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Look At This! Endlight

I’ve been watching (and playing) Endlight in various forms now for the best part of a decade thanks to it being a regular entry into the IGF. It’s always been an incredible looking thing whatever form it’s taken – it’s a game that asks “how much can we push around on the screen?” and then doubles it for a laugh. It’s frankly obscene looking stuff and videogame witchcraft.

When you get to the videos in a mo you’ll see what I mean (that’s if the YouTube compression hasn’t absolutely slaughtered the game, as it often does. YouTube was not designed to handle Endlight. Nothing was designed to handle Endlight).

Watching Endlight warp, bend and evolve over the course of the past nine or ten years has been an absolute pleasure and genuinely, I’ve looked forward each year to seeing what the latest version would bring. As works in progress tend to be like, not every year has felt like the game nailed it but even when it drifted a tad, it was always, always an exciting sight to behold regardless.

It’s weird to think that very soon, I’ll have to find something else to look forward to getting my grubby mits on as Endlight, finally, has an end in sight. It releases towards the end of July. I know, I know, it’s smashed through (oi! – ed) a number of release dates before now but this looks like the one.

I am ten excited out of five for it. I mean, really, when was the last time you saw a game that looked like this? More games that look like they’ve fallen out of the demoscene dimension, please.

Endlight on Steam
Releases Friday July 28, 2023. Break through and outlast shifting, twisting, chaos. Dodging is for cowards, start SMASHING.

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